LBLFR 2017: International workshop on logic-based formalisms for legal reasoning


Call for Papers

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science - University of Calabria - Rende, Italy
May 18-19, 2017


Paper submission deadline: April 16th, 2017

The aim of the LBFLR 2017 workshop is to bridge the gap between the community working on legal ontologies and legal reasoning and the community working on reasoning methods and formal logic, especially Answer Set Programming (ASP). The workshop will foster discussion on different approaches for working in the legal domain, about both (legal) knowledge representation and (legal) reasoning.

A non-exhaustive list of topics includes:

  • Logical formalization of legal knowledge
  • Reasoning about norms and regulations
  • Legal Reasoning by Answer Set Programming
  • Norm enforcement and compliance
  • Computational methods for legal reasoning
  • Formal models of norms, normative systems, and norm-governed societies
  • Using logic formalisms and technologies in large legal document collections
  • Legislative and Case-Law Metadata models
  • Semantic annotations for legal texts
  • Large-scale normative reasoning
  • Applications of Answer Set Programming to the legal domain

Workshop format

Two dedicated invited tutorials will be given before the technical sessions. Once the technical program is over, an open workshop session will foster ideas and possible collaborations.

Submission procedure

See workshop web site

General Chair

Nicola Leone (University of Calabria)

Program committee

  • Francesco Calimeri (DLVSystem Srl and University of Calabria) - Chair
  • Wolfgang Faber (University of Huddersfield) - Chair
  • Laura Alonso Alemany (National University of Cordoba)
  • Grigoris Antoniou (University of Huddersfield)
  • Guido Boella (Nomotika Srl and University of Torino)
  • Cleo Condoravdi (Stanford University)
  • Hristo Konstantinov (APIS EOOD)
  • Guido Governatori (National ICT Australia Ltd)
  • Beishui Liao (Zhejiang University)
  • Thomas Meyer (University of Cape Town)
  • Livio Robaldo (University of Luxembourg)
  • Antonio Rotolo (University of Bologna)
  • Ken Satoh (ROIS)
  • Guillermo Simari (Universidad Nacional del Sur in Bahía Blanca)
  • Clara Smith (National University of La Plata)
  • Serena Villata (INRIA)