The Hague

The workshop takes place in the city of The Hague (Dutch: 's Gravenhage or briefly Den Haag). The Hague is the seat of government in the Netherlands. It hosts the parliament and many of the ministeries. The city also hosts most many international institutions, such as the International Court of Justic and therefore presents itself as the City of peace and justice.

Parts of the Hague are relatively 'posh' compared to other Dutch towns and the population is very international. That means good places for shopping, eating and going out. The old fishing village of Scheveningen is now a well known sea resort.

Getting there and around

Conference Centre

The workshop will be held in World Forum, in the 'Statenkwartier area' located between the city centre and the beach. It can be reached from the city centre by Tram 1.


The Hague has many hotels.

Public Transport

Use the extensive HTM tram network or rent a bicycle.
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