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  • May 18 2012
  • - Dissertation defense

    Reasoning and Formal Argumentation in Trust Management

  • Background
  • The University of Luxembourg is currently setting up a research project (Advanced Argumentation Techniques for Trust Management, AASTM) to apply the approach of formal argumentation to the issue of trust management. Reasoning about trust is a process that often involves the application of rules of thumb, general guidelines or argument and counterargument. During recent years, the field of formal argumentation has produced a range of formalisms, as well as software implementations, to deal with issues such as nonmonotonic reasoning, decision making and agent communication.

  • Research Questions
  • - What is a discussion game for stable semantics?
    - How to define justification statuses of arguments, what are its properties, and how can we compute them?
    - Which argumentation semantics corresponds to 3-valued stable semantics in logic programming?
    - How to make the ASPIC Lite system satisfy crash resistance and non-interference?

  • Scope
  • The work focuses on knowledge-based services for the Information Society and is based on semantically rich logic formalisms called Argumentation Systems

  • Methodology
  • - Define different forms of falsehood by means of argumentation.
    - Deduce from the trustworthiness of the source.
    - Standard software engineering methodology.