Finished Projects

  • SIEP (FNR-INTER): Specification logics and Inference tools for verification and Enforcement of Policies
  • RATARCH (FNR-CORE): Rationalization of Architecture Related Design Decisions
  • RAT (FNR-MOBILITY): Reasoning about Agreement Technologies - 6 month sabbatical of Prof. van der Torre at CSLI Stanford
  • SGAMES (FNR-CORE): Security Games
  • MARCO (FNR-CORE) : Managing Regulatory Compliance: a Business-Centred Approach
  • LAAMI (FNR-CORE) : Logical Analysis of Market Irrationality
  • DYNARG (FNR-INTER/CNRS) : Dynamics of Argumentation
  • LINMAS (UL-POSTDOC) : Logics Integrated for Normative Multi-Agent Systems
  • CFAEMM (AFR-POSTDOC) : A Computational Framework for Apprehending Evolving Malware and Malware Engineers
  • CDL (ERCIM-POSTDOC) : Argument-based Contextual Defeasible Reasoning
  • ICR (UL-PHD) : Individual and Collective Reasoning
  • AASTM (UL-PHD) : Argumentation Techniques for Trust Management
  • LOSEC (AFR-PHD) : Logics for Security
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