The Individual and Collective Reasoning Group (ICR) is an interdisciplinary research team at the University of Luxembourg which is driven by the insight that intelligent systems (like humans) are characterized not only by their individual reasoning capacity, but also by their social interaction potential. Its overarching goal is to develop and investigate comprehensive formal models and computational realizations of individual and collective reasoning and rationality.

ICR is anchored in the Lab for Intelligent and Adaptive Systems (ILIAS) of the Computer Science and Communications unit (CSC), and involved in the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT). The group, which is led by Leon van der Torre, currently counts more than 15 researchers and is strongly engaged in international cooperation.

Our research areas are normative multi-agent systems, autonomous cognitive agents, computational social choice, and the foundations of logic-based knowledge representation and reasoning.


  • Upcoming ILIAS Seminars in January 2014 (More information)

    • Frederik van der Putte (University of Ghent) - From norms to norm-propositions: modal input/output logics (based in part on joint work with Christian Strasser and Mathieu Beirlaen)

      Monday (27 January 2014) 4pm, Seminar room E112 (Campus Kirchberg)

    • Serena Villata and Elena Cabrio (INRIA Sophia Antipolis) - Argumentation meets Natural Language Processing: results achieved and open challenges

      Thursday (30 January 2014) 4pm, Seminar room E112 (Campus Kirchberg)

  • January 2014. Alessio Antonini has joined the ICR team as a cotutelle PhD student and he will work both at the University of Turin and at the University of Luxembourg. He is expected to visit Luxembourg around March 2014.

  • Nov. 2013. Matthijs Melissen has finished his PhD and will now be working as a research fellow in computer science in the Computer Security Group of the University of Birmingham. He will be part of the project Analysing Security and Privacy Properties led by Mark Ryan.

  • CSCE Doctoral School Course Announcement :

    I am a logic - what is a logical system at 21st Century?

    by Prof. Dov Gabbay (CSC Invited Professor)

    5 lectures - Monday, May 27 - Friday, May 31, 14:00 - 16:00, room E112 campus Kirchberg

    Interested students are invited to register by sending an email to the Doctoral School Secretary, Catherine VIOLET, by Wednesday, 22nd May. For further questions, you may contact Dr. Emil Weydert (Interim head of the Individual and Collective Reasoning Group/ILIAS/CSC)


    Research in applied logic, AI, computer science, argumentation networks, neural networks, agents systems etc, gave rise to a wild landscape of proposed logical systems and agent theories. The question arises what actually is a logical system? What is an agent? We shall try to give answers. The overarching idea is that basically any comprehensive theory modelling the processing in our heads can be seen as a logic. We shall start with traditional logics and generalize them step by step until we get an integrated general theory of logic, agents and networks.


    Active participation in this course will be granted with 3 ECTS of the 20 doctoral training activity ECTS foreseen in the UL Doctoral School of Computer Science and Computer Engineering (DS-CSCE).

  • ICR helped to establish LAST-JD, which is a new interdisciplinary ERASMUS MUNDUS PhD program in Law, Science and Technology, where you can earn a joint Ph.D. title awarded by three European universities.

    More info on icr.uni.lu/last-jd.php

  • The ICR was very succcessful in the recent FNR-round, launching 4 new projects:
    • DYNGBAT (Dynamics of Group Belief and Trust)
    • GALOT (Game Logics for Open IT Environments/FNR-INTER with Prof. Dix at TU Clausthal)
    • RationalArchitecture (FNR-CORE with Erik Proper at CRPHT)
    • RAT (Reasoning about Agreement Technologies), Leon's project for his 6 month sabbatical at CSLI Stanford
  • Valerio Genovese, with his project SmartAccess, has won the Italian competition "Working Capital" for innovative ideas in "Internet, ICT & Web". It is based on his research on modal access control logics and corresponding theorem provers he conducted in the last two years at ICR. He receives a grant of 30000 Euros to improve his provers.


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dAejZkeG4Bc (in italian)


  • Dov Gabbay continues to be an invited professor at ICR for another 3 years (2012-2014) ("I am a logic").