Marcos Cramer

TU Dresden

About me

I am from a family of Argentinians of German origin. Before my birth and until I was five, my parents lived in many different countries due to my father's job (Turkey, South-Africa, Egypt, Germany, Argentina, Brazil). I was born in Argentina while we lived in Egypt. This international background has influenced me a lot to have a very cosmopolitan attitude. When I was five, we settled in Germany, so that's where I mainly grew up.

I have a wife, Uljana, and three children, Milena (born in 2009), Pavel (born in 2012) and Kamelia (born in 2016). Uljana is half Russian, half German, so we are again a very international family.

I actively use Esperanto and am a member of the Akademio de Esperanto, the Esperanto language academy, which publishes recommendations about Esperanto grammar and word use. I met my wife through Esperanto and also speak the language to my children, who grow up with four languages (German, Russian, Esperanto and Luxembourgish).

I am a Unitarian Universalist.