Getting arround

To workshop will be held at Salle Tavenas; 102 Avenue Pasteur in Luxembourg city.

To arrive at Salle Tavenas, one can use Bus 3, stop "Limeprtsberg,Batty Weber".

The deffence will be held at Campus Kirchberg. To arrive at the campus by public transport, use bus 1,16 or any bus which bears the sign "EUROBUS" and get off at the stop "Kierchbierg, Coudenhove-Kalergi"

The bus stop at the centre of the city is called "Centre, Hamilius"

Bus itinerary and route planner here .

   Getting to Luxembourg

Luxembourg airport receives many international flights. You might also want to check the web page of the national airlies LuxAir

By train, you need to arrive at Luxembourg Gare. Information on train service can be found here.

RyanAir can be used to Frankfurt-Hahn and Brussels Charleroi. A convinient bus shuttle service is available from both of these airports to Luxembourg Gare.

For driving instructions consult the web page of the University of Luxembourg.