Session 1

08.50-09.00: opening
09.00-09.45: Wiebe van der Hoek, Local Properties in Modal Logic (invited talk) (abstract)
09.45-10.10: Petar Iliev and Wiebe van der Hoek, Public Announcements are Exponentially More Succinct than ”Everybody Knows” and ”Somebody Knows”
10.10-10.25: Sujata Ghosh, Thiri Haymar Kyaw and Rineke Verbrugge, Decision support for extensive form negotiation games
10.25-10.55: coffee break and poster session

Poster session

Jan van Eijck and Floor Sietsma, New Questions about Voting Rules, With Some Answers
Cristian Gratie, John-Jules Meyer and Adina Magda Florea, Modal Logics for Argumentation

Session 2

10.55-11.40: Alessio Lomuscio, Verification of Artifact-Centric Multi-Agent Systems (invited talk) (abstract)
11.40-12.05: Sjur Dyrkolbotn, Piotr Kazmierczak, Erik Parmann and Truls Pedersen, No big deal: Introducing roles to reduce the size of ATL models
12.05-12.15: break

Session 3

12.15-12.30: Thomas Agotnes and Natasha Alechina, Embedding of Coalition Logic into a Normal Multi-Modal Logic
12.30-12.55: Nicolas Troquard and Dirk Walther, ATL with contexts: agency and explicit strategies
12.55-13.10: Emiliano Lorini, Dynamic Logic and its application to norm modelling: a preliminary study
13.10-13.15: closing

The proceedings are also available.